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Digital newspapers

A selection of newspapers
and magazines that will make your head spin
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presssareader-invert Digital Newspapers

Digital newspapers

A selection of newspapers
and magazines that will make your head spin
digitalne_novine_vergl Digital Newspapers

Improve your newspaper and magazine reading habits

We help readers improve the reading experience at every opportunity in life, business, or traveling.

Make the most of your partnerships with PressReader to grab your customer’s attention with branded publications, welcome messages, and subtle in-app customization.

We connect your guests with local, national, and international news stories from the most reputable journalists and sources from publications they know and trust.

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INDIVIDUAL USERS can subscribe to a package of over 7,000 titles – PressReader Premium (7-day free trial; price €29.99 / month).
Using their phone, tablet, or computer (up to 5 devices), readers can browse content online or download entire issues using the PressReader app. They can subscribe for unlimited access through Vergl.

BUSINESS USERS (local government, city, tourist destination, tourist board, hotel, airport, airline, marina, shipping company, bus operator, train operator, public institution, library, faculty, university, health resort, gym, sports association, club, bank, shopping centre, chain store, cafe…) can send an inquiry for specific PressReader packages.

Large companies and businesses

Large companies and businesses (chain stores, insurers, banks, gyms, etc.) typically communicate with their members, customers, or service users through loyalty programs. By partnering with PressReader, these businesses not only permanently enable free reading of thousands of top news headlines, but also gain a digital channel for communicating with their customers and directly sending them important information about their own offerings. In addition, their occasional customers can use PressReader and current news notifications for free via hotspots during their stay in business premises. Global experiences show that customers are happy to use loyalty cards associated with PressReader’s offer.

Hotels, tourist boards, health resorts

Many of the world’s largest tourism chains offer their guests access to news headlines from their home countries as part of their regular offerings. By partnering with PressReader, these chains offer guests over 7,000 titles in 60 languages. This means that guests can find a wide selection of publications in their own language, and they can also choose from thousands of titles in other languages. With just one click, guests can have the entire magazine translated into their preferred language. They can also listen to selected articles in audio translation. The benefits of partnering with PressReader are also used by other providers of accommodation services around the world, such as health resorts and care homes.

Marinas and nautical tourism

Yachtsmen are a demanding and appreciative clientele. Many of them cruise the world’s seas and oceans and know very well what services they need on their travels, but also in marinas. One of them is certainly following the news and events from around the world, but also all relevant information about the offer related to the marina they choose on their journey as a destination or transit station. Therefore, many of them are used to using PressReader on their travels and in marinas. At the same time, marinas use the IT capabilities of PressReader to communicate with their customers even when they are not connected. This allows them to keep their partners “in touch” throughout the year through a digital communication channel established through cooperation with PressReader.

Airlines and airports

Passengers in transit, waiting for their flights in airport lounges, can browse thousands of news headlines for free and download magazines and newspapers of their choice to enjoy reading them in offline mode during their flights. This is all made possible by PressReader’s airline and airport partners around the world. Free access to PressReader for passengers includes a predetermined amount of time before, during, and after the flight. Over the years, millions of people have used this service.

Libraries and universities

Many of the world’s largest libraries are long-time users of PressReader services. They offer PressReader to their members as a tool for informing, but also for researching areas of interest that members are involved in. PressReader in the offer for libraries and universities also has additional features, such as searching the archives of individual newspapers, which can be a great help in researching specific thematic areas.

Administrative bodies and public institutions

At the local or regional level, through cooperation with PressReader, a digital communication channel, administrative bodies can provide tourists and citizens with all relevant information about tourism, culture, gastronomy, health, or any other important offer in the area they manage through hotspots or geocoordinates. For example, all citizens and tourists of Singapore have been using PressReader services for free for years.

The world’s largest digital newspapers and magazines kiosk


The Canadian company PressReader, the world’s largest digital newspapers and magazines kiosk, is present in more than 120 countries, countless cities, largest airlines, hotel chains, a large number of libraries, marinas, shipping companies, colleges and many other institutions and business entities. Through the Croatian partner, the Vergl group (Vergl doo and Vergl plus doo), Pressreader reaches Europe, especially central and southern Europe, as well as various hotspots and geocoordinates.

PressReader offers the most prestigious digital magazine titles, such as Vogue, Forbes, Variety, Science Illustrated, Elle, Cosmopolitan, The Insider, National Geographic, PC World, Traveller, House&Garden, Newsweek, Macworld, Top Gear, Rolling Stone, Focus, Modern Dog, Auto Express and 7000 other titles in 60 languages.

Magazines can be read in the original language, or translated into 26 world languages. One of the standard services of PressReader is that selected articles from the magazine are read aloud to visually impaired people and anyone who wishes it.

For large users, such as cities and tourist destinations, PressReader enables the use of its application as a communication channel towards its fellow citizens, guests of the city and tourists.

The PressReader application can be used by everyone, and it can be integrated into various mobile or fixed systems in addition to its multipurpose use.

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pressreader-300x67 Digital NewspapersDIGITAL LEAP IN COMMUNICATION

7000+ titles
120+ countries
60+ languages
26 languages for translation possible
26 languages in which audio reading of translations is enabled
30 million installations

14+ million active monthly users on the Internet
750 thousands of active monthly users via access points (hotspots)
200-250 thousands of new installations per month
4+ million downloads of newspaper editions per month
92% issues are read every month

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